Saturday, November 28, 2009

Holiday Countdown - Day Two - November 28

Still at the Grandparents' house post-Thanksgiving, we planned to do the first two days of Countdown there. I arranged it so they'd be things we could maybe do anyway so as to minimize the craziness of overwhelm from 35 consecutive days of planned activity. I probably do consecutive days of planned activity usually, but now and then I take days to do a whole lot of nothing because it feels good and energizes us for future endeavors.

Due to the problem with honey extraction, we had to do both activities on the 28th. Jon also decided that he wanted to drive home later in the afternoon. We started packing up and got everyone dressed and ready. Aleks opened the scroll.Then Jon thought it would be better if I just took Aleks to see the movie. Bastian tends to have trouble paying attention and prefers instead to move around a lot. We adults really wanted to see this movie (remember that we are huge Wes Anderson fans), so it seemed preferable to one-at-a-time it. Lilly, Aleks, and I rushed out the door to see the 12:30 showing. We made it just in time, having only missed a few previews. Bastian contentedly ate honey without us.

The movie was great! I think some part of Aleks identified with the character of Ash. Maybe that's just me projecting though. Maybe I just felt so deeply sympathetic to Ash that I read into it when Aleks loved all the bits that Ash was in. Plus the cape and the weird quirks and the slightness were all very Aleks.

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