Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day at the Beach

We grabbed the opportunity to have one last visit to the beach on a warm afternoon after speech therapy. We hadn't been to the lake at all. We live at least 15 minutes away and really, the nice beaches are 45 minutes away, so it's always a trek for us. We make a special trip.

I took this photo of the boys for Jon. I may have it framed at some point. Like I mentioned, we are huge Wes Anderson fans and this is like the shot in The Life Aquatic.

We collected things.

I'm especially fond of sea glass.
As I sat there, lazily watching the kids play, I dug around in my purse and started working on my to-do list, which is immense these days.
I really needed to be able to multi-task. To do both the things I need to do at home, like work on pamphlets, update this here blog, return emails, etc. and sit and let the kids dig in the sand.
I told Anna as much.
She concurred.
Aleks found a perfect wand.
This guy was staring at me funny.
So Aleks used his magic to help me out.
Wingardium Leviosa!
It worked!


Donna said...

Are you out at Huntington Beach? That's a nice haul of beach glass, I never find that much!

Erin said...

Aw, these photos make me happy..yet sad knowing that beach days have come to an end now that the weather has grown colder. The sea glass is beautiful. I wish I could bury my toes in the sand right now. :)

anna kiss said...

Yes, Huntington. You know what's funny? I can't recall where I put all that sea glass now. I have another small collection though from Mentor Headlands. I think going in March is the key. But it's not very warm or pleasant. I want to visit the beach when it's snowed though. I've never done that. Will have to be a goal this year!

Rachel said...

But if you had a laptop, you might not collect all that sea glass. Plus, you'd have to worry about getting sand in it or something like that.

anna kiss said...

Oh you and your practicality, Rachel. Pshaw. I got work to do!

Rachel said...

Am I really too practical? Well, I suppose I can be sometimes. Hell, here's a possibly impractical suggestion: how about an iPhone? Very portable...albeit kinda pricey. But cheaper than a laptop, no? You could get your Facebook fix from the beach!

anna kiss said...

Nah, I doubt you're really too practical. I wouldn't actually know. I'm just teasing.

I can't do an iPhone. It's not just the price of the phone, it's the price of the service and switching providers and blah blah blah. Plus then I'd play with my iPhone all the time and annoy myself.