Friday, September 25, 2009

The Bridge Project

As soon as we picked up Aunt Lilly from the megabus stop for her birthday weekend, we went to The Bridge Project. The Bridge Project is part of an attempt to bring the two sides of Cleveland together in cooperative art and fun. The bridge itself was the streetcar level of one of the bridges downtown that spans the Cuyahoga River and the east/west divide. The streetcar level had been closed for some number of decades and interesting folks were deeply curious to find out what was down there. Naturally, we were curious too and joined in.Natalie on bridge.

The burning river below us.

Many of the art pieces sought to utilize the space and find new uses for it.

Trolley lines.
Video projected on water in the old subway tunnels.
Bastian rests on a lawn suspended over the middle of the Cuyahoga River.
Dragons invade.
The circumference bike: holds 8 riders. There's only 2 of these in the United States, if I remember correctly. I can find nothing about the thing online. A U.S. artist designed it and a German company engineered it. Natalie and I rode it. Much to Aleks' disappointment (his legs weren't long enough).

Lilly waited with the boys while we rode across the bridge and back. When we came back, Aleks hid in a hammock suspended between two giant concrete posts out of anger, frustration, and sadness at not being able to ride the bike.

Click to enlarge and see the fiddler walking behind us.


Mel said...

Super cool...the water in the subway steps is brilliantly some post-apocalyptic thing or something...perhaps I read too much into it...

anna kiss said...

It was creepy for sure. But in a neat way. I like post-apocalyptic landscapes. Especially in the safety of an art exhibit. lol