Saturday, September 26, 2009

Aunt Lilly's 21st Birthday

Natty made a cake. Jon made a giant dinner. We had eggplant Parmesan, roast chicken, and pesto. Heather and Steve came by for dessert and our friend Emma came by for dinner. Emma goes to boarding school here and is Piddy Peddy's daughter, so it's nice to have her visit now and then and be part of a (semi)normal family life.

After the kids were asleep and my parents had gone back to their hotel, everyone did this. Like they do all the time.


Mel said...

OMG!! That last photo is hilarious!!

This is your house? I am DIGGIN' the green paint...DIGGIN' it!!

If only I was so daring...

I used to be, you know...I don't know where I went...;)

anna kiss said...

The green paint has grown on me. It was supposed to be pear and crisp apple or something, but it was SUPER bright when it first went on. I like it now, but know to choose more muted or subtle colors next time. lol