Monday, August 31, 2009

Random Birthday Cake

One evening while Papa was out, I took the kids to Tommy's for dinner rather than having to deal with anything myself. It's been like that a lot this summer as I've had fifty-gagillion meetings, am co-managing the City Fresh stop, have been networking with people in a million different ways to discuss local foods issues and birth issues and make moves to do something about all of it, started an unschooling co-op (based, in part, on seeing photos of the RU Fun get-together), spent hours on the phone to Kosovo talking to my wayward traveling sister, shlepped the kids all over town to retain the crown of Half-way Decent Unschooling Mama, Gone to Chicago to visit my sister (where I also met the lovely Rachel (more on that)), visited my parents to celebrate Aleks turning 7, spent hours upon hours on the phone and on hold attempting to navigate Aleks' health care needs and get them appropriately met (agony), and volunteered to help with every little thing someone needed help with, it seems. Whew. Busy Busy! No time to cook!

And on one of these occasions, it happened to be John from Mac's Backs' birthday. We only found this out when while waiting to purchase some books after dinner, a couple came in with cake and candles to surprise him. And they offered us all cake, which we enjoyed. There is almost nothing wrong with spontaneous dessert. In fact, I'd dare to say it is a very good thing indeed.

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