Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our Independence Day

While everyone else rushed down to the beach to parades and to fireworks, battling traffic, crowds, and mosquitos, we stayed home and did our usual nothin'. We slept late and shlepped around the house for most of the day. In the evening, we had burgers on the grill with our neighbor Chris and ate Firecrackers Popsicles. I found an old bag of Snap Pops which we threw on the sidewalk, then we all watched the first Transformers movie together. And that was it. We did take a really lovely family photo too.

Oh, and Aleks and Jon did talk a bit about it being the country's birthday, but nothing too elaborate and nothing contrived.


Donna said...

When Miranda was four Brian was trying to explain the meaning of Independence Day, and how we did things to celebrate how much we like our country. And he asked her what she liked to do to celebrate American and she thought a little bit and announced "Go to Canada!"

The trip to Toronto that past Autumn had made a huge impression on her, haha.

anna kiss said...

Last year on the fourth, we did go to Canada! lol

Lynnie said...

Nice family pic!