Sunday, July 5, 2009

Furious Arting

All day, we made things. Things with grains and beans and glue and cardboard.
Things with tissue paper
and glue and glass.
Things with paint brushes.
And paint.
Aleks made a Godzilla on the refrigerator out of the colored mosaic tiles.

I used the bean/grain cardboard to construct a frame for a postcard.

The glass tissue paper jars hold candles.

We are very serious about being properly prepared for this Engagement Party gig. I cleaned off the refrigerator (outside), removing all the magnets and scraps of paper, scrubbing it all down, then putting it all back up with new and improved art by the children. And it took all day somehow. There's so much more to do! Walls to dust! Cobwebs to catch! Mopping! Scrubbing! Painting! Repairing! Everyone thinks I'm pretty crazy to want to do all that (and buy new glasses too!), but I assure you I am merely thorough.

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