Monday, June 8, 2009

A Walk to the Park for No Reason at All

Aleks wanted to go to the park and I needed to get the kids away from the house, so we went. On the way, we ran into our neighbor, Jo, out for a walk with her puppy, Mason. So they walked with us. We got a cookie and I got iced tea at the coffee shop on the way. Then the kids played for a long time. Mason sat in the clover quite contentedly. I picked up all sorts of glass from the sidewalk and hillside.
Jo and Mason went home, but we stayed and got too dizzy on the tire swing. We stopped in the library and got Aleks signed up for the summer reading program. He's excited about the prospect of prizes. I'm very not into summer reading because I don't like incentive programs, but whatever, it's fun and casual. We also picked out some books while we were there.

On the way back home, a woman had a mama cat and a kitten for free on the sidewalk. We couldn't take them home, but we stopped and said hello.

At home again, Papa had made delicious stir fry out of the veggies from last week's City Fresh.

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