Sunday, June 7, 2009

Natty's Graduation Party

We had yet another weekend away to visit the grandparents in honor of Aunt Natty's graduation from college (which isn't actually until Sunday the 14th, but alas the schedule of a midwife demands early celebration). Early Saturday, the boys and the grandparents went strawberry picking. Grandma got so excited that after the graduation lunch, she invited everyone back to the house for the freshest of strawberry daiquiris.

Natty introduced her friend Myco to the family chickens. Bastian adopted Myco for the day, insisting on sitting in her lap and petting her fondly. He loves the ladies.

Aunt Lilly even made the trip all the way from Chicago despite a case of pneumonia. We made fun of her all weekend and insisted she not breathe on us.
Jon cleaning out the coop.
Boys in the yard.
*Photos courtesy Myco Nguyen as I left my camera in Cleveland.

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