Monday, May 4, 2009

Aleks the Magician

A couple of months ago, Aleks got interested in hypnotism. He started asking about hypnotizing people and how to do it, so he and Papa looked it up on YouTube and found instructional videos which he then watched for a long time.

Then he got into it as part of an act. His goal was to hypnotize Ivy into thinking she was a bat at Art Day. He started wearing a cape as part of his costume. He still regularly tries to hypnotize her. It's hard for them to find a quiet space in which to try it out though. Plus he hasn't quite mastered the soft, steady voice, I don't think, though I'm not sure that he knows that.

Hypnotism lead to an interest in magic. He would occasionally show us how he could make something "disappear." His hands weren't quite slight enough, but it was cute. Then Grandma Cat put a magic kit in his Easter basket. It was great and he could do the lead-ups pretty well. He takes meticulous care of it, having me refold the satin handkerchief just so, so that it fits back in the box. He wears his black cape and requested that I make him a suit. I figure we'll get one at the thrift store sometime. I've seen lots there as little boys don't use them much.

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