Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Art Day: Fairy/Gnome/Zombie/African Safari Houses

We caught an extra-special glimpse of spring with 65° weather, ideal for working outdoors. We decided to build Fairy Houses, though Aleks rejected the idea of making them for fairies. Thus they were to be "Caveman Caves" though no caves got built exactly as Aleks has been fixated of late upon hypnotism and wanted to run about outside getting Ivy into quiet spaces to have her gaze at his forehead whilst he spoke in a soft drone. Bastian helped build a large fairy house with me, though. Miranda and Ivy also each built a bit, as did our additional guests.I made the largest of the Hobbit holes with Bastian and others aiding me. We dug sticks in a half circle, threading bits of bark between them, then covering with dried Iris stems, leaves, and finally moss. A T-Rex stood guard outside.
Zombie men and zombie dogs trolled in the garden.
The gnomes gazed wisely and fearfully out and the Monkey King sat in meditation, making unknown mudras, keeping the zombie hoards at bay by method of zen.
Miranda made a little lean-to.
Ivy created a den for all the big cats.
It had a chandelier and soft carpet inside.
Then we walked to the toddler park to play. One little girl brought along two of the gnomes, who went for rides in the sand toys.
Aleks wore his cape all day. This was part of his hypnotist costume. He never did successfully hypnotize Ivy into thinking she was a bat.
We all wore green for St. Patrick's Day, though I'm not entirely convinced of the necessity.
Donna and the girls brought cucumbers to make some geckos like in the book Play with Your Food.
The eyes were squished on with cheese.
They weren't long for this earth.


Erin said...

The big cats' den is oh so elegant!

Julie said...

Love the houses, whatever their called:) I'll see if the boys would like to do them. It's the same weather here, it's supposed to hit 70 tomorrow, and then of course in true Utah fashion, it's supposed to snow on sunday.

becks said...

those are some fancy houses! i agree with erin, that big cat house was classy!