Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Aleks Defies Even Hints at Rules

After a trip to the thrift store (scored Operation the game, a baseball glove for Bastian, and shorts for Papa), and a drive around a bit aimlessly, the boys and I walked up to Tommy's for dinner. Papa's been working all day in the garden lately, so it was eat out or eat leftovers. We opted for the nummier option.

Tommy's always has coloring sheets for the kids. Tonight it occurred to me that for as long as I can remember, Aleks has mostly ignored coloring in the picture and opted instead to use the back of the paper to draw a design of his own: I don't know if coloring in lines is boring or challenging or just too restrictive or what. He did do the finding game on the page by having me read each item off. But that's a game which makes it somehow fun. I was proud to see that he didn't really know what paper towels looked like. He originally chose a bowl filled with what looks like paper (I think they may be intended to be magazines or bags of chips, though I'm not sure) over the roll hanging clearly on the wall. What a good little green boy is he.
Bastian scribbled all over his page and tried to drink the ketchup. Hil-AIR-ious!


Julie said...

I think most children defy arbitrary rules, which are most rules concerning children.

That's cool that he just promptly turns the paper over to create his own picture. Maybe I'll suggest that to Damek, who detests coloring. He rarely wants to draw, but when he does, he has a very elaborate description of his drawings, and I love it.

anna kiss said...

It's true that most children do. I sometimes think that my children are especially good at defying rules and deciding that rules are arbitrary. lol They are feral, after all.

sunnymama said...

Sunnyboy has just discovered ketchup recently and was eating spoonfuls of it last time we went out for a meal. He hasn't tried drinking it yet though :)