Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sports and Visitors

Finally we're able to once again spend days outdoors, riding bikes, playing baseball, and enjoying the company of neighbors and visitors from out of town, come to say hello for the official 30th birthday extravaganza (we make big deals out of birthdays in my family).

Our neighbor, Chris, tried to help me help Aleks learn to ride his bike without training wheels. We're on the way to learning, but I discovered that it's exhausting holding him up and running!

A friend from Kentucky, Sam, was in town with my fairy godmother Peggy (back again!) for an audition for a theatre conservatory. He tossed baseballs for Aleks for quite awhile.

Aunt Lilly came from Chicago to celebrate my pseudo-surprise birthday party with me.
Lilly and Bastian practice being strong men for the circus.
Bastian loves everyone these days, including those he's just met or met only briefly, as in the case of Emma, Peggy's daughter. She's pretty sweet though, admittedly.

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