Saturday, March 28, 2009

On a Bicycle Built for Two

Aleks got himself all dressed to go outside to play. He has a unique sense of fashion.
The neighbors came out too with a tandem bike brought from a trip to New York. Aleks tried out the horn, which sounds like clowns are coming. I was confused about the origin of the sound until I came out to see it.
Bastian, with an equally unique sense of fashion (though I suspect his outfit was just utilitarian rather than planned like Aleks'), explored the neighbor's tool set. Learned about ratchets and the neat clicking sound they make.
Then I got to go for a ride on the tandem bike, something I've wanted to do since childhood. Managed this one before my 30th birthday, lucky me. Riding a tandem bike is not at all simple. Turning is difficult and not turning, as the rear rider, is even moreso, despite its importance (starting to turn will shift your weight, possibly knocking everyone off the bike).
Aleks and Bastian posed for a photo op. Having not yet managed two wheels and being quite short, they will have to wait awhile to try this out. Still, quite the adventurous lazy Saturday afternoon.


Erin said...

Super cool bike, and I love their unique styles. :)

Donna said...

Did you sing "Daisy, Daisy give me your answer do" while riding?

I remember trying one when I was a kid, and yeah, it is difficult. You really need to coordinate things for it to be successful.

becks said...

Aleks outfit, esp the shirt rocks! There was a great tandem bike at Antioch that Jeremy and I would ride about on campus singing the Daisy song.