Monday, March 16, 2009

Gathering Raw Materials

Since it's to be nice outside, for tomorrow's Art Day we'll be building a fairy house. Well, Aleks has decided it will be a caveman cave, but whatever. We also speculated that it may be for elves, goblins, hobbits, dwarfs, or leprechauns (especially since it's St. Patrick's Day). It'll be for something.

We don't have much of a yard, though, so we needed to gather some raw materials to use. Since it was nice today and Aleks wanted to go to the park, we went to Shaker Lakes after picking up x-rays at the pediatric dentist's office (to take with us to the cleft clinic on Thursday).

Before I realized the kids had smudged up my lens earlier, I took a few photos. Aleks thought these sticks would be handy. I told him they were bigger than we needed. Bastian helped carry a bag to put our goods in.
We gathered sticks, stones, bark, moss, and leaves.
Under some moss, we found a little ant colony, only recently moving due to the warm weather, I'm sure.
Beneath some bark, we discovered this larva which looks to have a stinger. We were careful not to touch it, whatever it is. UPDATE - We have discovered that this little larva turns into a fly. Specifically a Xylophagid known as Xylophagus lugens.
This bush was just changing a brilliant red color.
Before leaving, the light turned to the perfect evening glow that yields such lovely photos. The boys played on a massive downed tree while I arranged to meet Papa at the Co-op after...
...and took photos of myself.
Spring feels here, if only momentarily. I'm sure it will snow again yet. Yes, my button says "I'm a wizard."

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Julie said...

what a fun idea.

Looks like we're having similar weather, I know it will snow again, but this week it's in the 60's and supposed to be 70 this weekend!