Monday, February 2, 2009


We didn't get much valentining done on our Homeschooling art day, and I signed us up for a Valentine exchange through one of the million Yahoo groups I'm on, so more valentining had to be done. When I got the exchange list for the Yahoo group, I discovered that we ended up with FORTY other children to make cards for. That was more than I was expecting for some reason. 8 of these live in France, so to ensure the cards get there in time, we had to get moving pronto. I'm not even sure that they will make it in time.

I started by cutting out lots of hearts and giving them to the boys. They painted the hearts and then sprinkled lots of sparklies (aka glitter) all over them. And us. And the table. And the floor. Aleks gave cutting out a heart a shot too and we did some extra painting here and there.I then took the hearts and glued them to cardstock pieces leftover from Christmas. Then Aleks and I wrote the names of these French children on the back along with "con amour, Aleks + Bastian," which is moronic of me because in French that means "idiot love," apparently. I guess I was confusing what little I know of French, Spanish, and Italian and not double checking like I should have. I even thought to. Now I feel like a total heel.
We tied the 8 up and put them in an envelope for the mail lady.
Only 32 more Valentine's cards to go. Sigh.

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