Monday, February 2, 2009

Meet my Snow Peeps

Success at last! The temperature rose above freezing overnight and everything started to melt, creating snow wet enough for packing. We bundled up for the third time and trekked outdoors to pile and pack and cram snow into bulbous bodies. I got a bit grumpy about Aleks wanting to collect icicles because I didn't want him under the eaves risking being impaled by the dang things falling. I promised him instead that I'd grab some for his bath later. My good friend Mati suggested putting the icicles in the bath, which is excellent, because they disappear, which is fun for the boys to marvel over and they're no longer in my freezer, which is good for me.
Jon came out to take photos before the sun went completely down.


kivyn said...

What totally awesome snow people! I'm so jealous, being stuck here in Texas with nary a flake.

Rachel said...

Wow! Those are fantastic snow peeps! We just came back from Ohio and all that snow, and we haven't done any snowman making here (it was previously too cold, and today it's warming up so much that I fear it will be too wet). I would love to be able to make a snowman as large as those! Ours have always been tiny people... We went sledding in Ohio, so at least I can cross that one off my list of creating wonderful childhood experiences. ;) Although Otto got buckets of ice in his face (twice) and decided it was not for him. I'm wondering if I am creating happy memories for them or childhood traumas.