Monday, January 26, 2009

No Snowman for You!

Twice I dared to take the children outside, to run them ragged and escape these wretched indoors, with the plan of constructing massively impressive snowmen. We did it, we bundled up and walked outside into frigid temperatures and icicles threatening annihilation from the roof eaves. And there we discovered that the snow was frozen like infinite tiny particles of ice with no water, no hydration, no humidity to aid in packing. Thus, no snowmen to be built. So Aleks dared the eaves with staunch reproachful warnings from me to collect his beloved "ice crystals" and Bastian puttered about the yard with me, occasionally aiding with the ice crystal stashing.

All bundled up, it was difficult to even grasp these crystals and the long-melted-and-re-frozen dragon eggs speckling the path.

I used the snow shovel to make piles of icy snow to create a pit, and we placed Aleks' ice crystals in the castle walls. It looked as though the White Witch's Castle were shaped like Mordor.

In the end, the boys still fought sleep.

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