Monday, January 26, 2009

Homeschoolers Art Day - Japanese Themed

We actually did manage some origami for our Homeschooling Art Day. I helped Donna and Ivy learn how to fold a paper crane while Bastian helped me fold one. The kids did a few very simple things like cat faces and the like. Then they ran off to dress up like pirates, build Lego, and listen to more of Aleks' terrible pop song obsession. The mamas sat and drank tea. I never get to use my tea pot, so it was a welcome opportunity.

Donna made Japanese rice balls, which were lovely and filling. Aleks tried some plain seaweed, but did not like it. Bastian ate a rice ball (or maybe even part of several rice balls), seaweed included, though I think it was difficult for him to shred with his baby teeth.

All in all, it was a success. We'll be working on Valentine's on Tuesday this week.


Lynnie said...

Someone gave us an Origami Calendar for Xmas. My 5 year old LOVES carrying it around, following me, hoping I'll make an origami object for her. One thing I've learned is...origami is hard! I am always making something and then saying, "See? It is so a dolphin! Well, it can swim! Isn't that enough?" Almost everything I make looks like the elephant. Maybe I should have followed the instructions and started in January.

anna kiss said...

Origami is hard! That same night we got an origami book from the library and Aleks made me fold a t-rex which is like 36 folds or something. I did it, but I think if I didn't already know how to do the crane, I'd have been screwed. I'm afraid of the even more complex stuff.

We got yet another book yesterday of "Origami in Action" where the dinosaurs have individual teeth and nonsense. Hopefully the boys won't make me attempt that!