Saturday, January 3, 2009

Icy Cold

What possessed me to take an evening stroll by the pond on a frigid winter evening? We'd been holed up in our post-holiday stupor long enough, I suppose. Kids needed space to run. And run they did.

Bastian pointed out the moon, thought it was a "rainbow" like the sparkles of prism light from earlier in the day. I reminded him that it was in fact, the moon.

They made lines in the snow, which reminded me of the Sally Mann photograph, Crossed Sticks (1988).
Aleks' markings resembled kanji.
The marsh is dried up now, the reeds pummeled by snow, wind, and deer... I find it so valuable to travel to where there is still some open space, where every square inch has not been covered "with houses and strip malls," and to see this space in different times of the year, in different seasons, to note the changes... Perhaps the children do not notice, but it is there in the backdrop. Eventually this will lead to discussion of Monet, I am sure. When they care.
On the way back to the car (Mama was quite shivery), we stopped to take a photo of our shadows. Bastian has since been troubled by his. Having not noticed it before, he now wonders why it keeps following him. He wanted it to go away, to leave him alone.
Then Aleks had the brilliant idea that we should get ice cream. I told him that due to some unfortunate financial difficulties, we would not be purchasing extras any more at all. He decided then that he would buy some ice cream for himself and his brother. I still didn't think it was a great idea, but consented. Friday night in Coventry was crowded, but we stole a seat at the counter in Tommy's and they each had a cone. By the end of it, Bastian was shivering violently. we rushed home to warmth in the way of extra socks and more Lego Indiana Jones.

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