Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bloggity Blog Makeover

So things look a bit different around here. I was finding the green-y ocher-y just made all of my yellow-y photos from too-little light look all the more yellow-y and dull. So I made things a lot cleaner. The masthead also went and I'm thinking that it'll change a bit now and then just for fun. I hope it's readable and gives everyone a little tickle. It gives me one.

I have intentions for the blog. I'd like to combine it with my other blog, in some way and refashion the entire annakiss brand into a household name for the jaded, anarchistic crunchy unschooling mamas out there or those aspiring to be or desiring to mock such folks.

The other blog has been around for many many years, though with little in the way of updates since I had kids and since this blog came into being. I think I've lost most of my readership due to that. The other blog is a lot more personal, but speaks less about what my kids are up to and more about how incredibly difficult it is to navigate being a person and a mother. I'd like to keep them each separate, but together and ever-so-slightly more equal. That may be quite the lofty goal there, but now that I've said it, I'll have to do it. First thing on the list is doing some web design, so this is all likely going to take some time. Especially since I am clueless about said web design myself and am otherwise occupied by, you know, raising these kids...So look for it when it comes!


Julie said...

Love the new look! I agree with the sentiment about being a person and a mother, sometimes we forget who we were before motherhood. I have interests that are important to me and meshing the two is challenging, but not impossible. Good Luck with your venture and I look forward to seeing it take form.

em said...

I first read you at the other blog and have loved getting a better glimpse of Anna the mother over here. Joining the artist and the mother as one on the web, and in life, will be an interesting endeavor and can't wait to see it unfold.