Thursday, December 4, 2008

December 4th

Again, Aleks brought today's envelope to me while I was still in bed. This time I fell back to sleep instead of reading it and dreamed that it said "Pick out a Christmas Tree." As it turned out, that's what Aleks wanted it to say and apparently said this aloud to me as I dozed.

In fact, it read:

This is an activity I found in my "Crafting" bookmark folder a few weeks ago (along with the Holiday Activity Countdown site) and thought looked neat. {You have to scroll down to find it, as there is no functioning permalink} I thought it looked groovy and simple.

I made a run to the library after dinner to figure out why they were saying the books that weren't due until January 5th were "Lost" and why the heck they were trying to charge me $158 for them. While out, I finally gathered some berries and pine boughs from a neighboring bank's landscaping to get this activity right. I have a whole list of things I need for the countdown activities and keep thinking I'm going to get them all "tomorrow," yet repeatedly cannot find enough time to do so or enough energy to get out of my pajamas. The whole pinworm episode didn't help matters at all.

I got back from the library and quickly gathered the boys around to take pictures and arrange shrubbery.

Thus, they did. It's now in the freezer and we'll hang it tomorrow, or whenever I get off my butt to hang it.

Finished, hanging on the porch. Think we used a little too much water as not much sun (not that there is any sun) will come through. Perhaps as it gets melty. If that happens at all.
It smells really good though. The pine with the lemon and orange is nice. I didn't think the citrus would come through all the frozen water, but it did.


Anonymous said...

Yet again, an amazing project, I saw this in a magazine recently with the letters NEIGE in each square, (French for Snow)
how gorgeous!!!

::::wifemothermaniac:::: said...

What a cool idea! it doesn't freeze often, where I live, but if it does we'll have to try this