Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December 3rd

Aleks is getting so excited about finding out what we're doing each day that it's the first thing he thinks about in the morning. Today, he jumped out of bed saying, "I'm going to go open the envelope." He brought it to me while I was still trying to sleep so I could read what it said to him. It read: What I hadn't anticipated was that Jon had already promised pancakes for breakfast the night before while I was away (not that I remembered what Day 3 had in store for us anyway - I thought for sure it was make marshmallows and hot chocolate). Papa got up and made pancakes just like he promised before heading off to school. Several times throughout the day I asked about trading envelopes with another day since they'd already had pancakes, but Aleks just kept talking about having breakfast for dinner, which he termed Breakter. So it was. We ate eggs scrambled with cheese, onions, and broccoli, home fries, and used up the remaining pancake batter.
It was yummy!

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