Saturday, October 25, 2008

Painting the Pumpkin Patch

When I realized what a lovely line the Golden Snitches made, I thought we'd have a treasure hunt of sorts by following them into the boys' room, where we'd have a pumpkin patch. I think we'll make either Cornish Pixies or some kind of fairy out of feathers and pipe cleaners to have as the giveaway. Last year we had wands and Pygmy Puffs, so I don't really want to do that again.

We decided to work on the pumpkin patch first. Well, I decided. The kids seemed well enough interested in painting, so I got everything out but just orange and green for the pumpkin colors. I also placed some of our smaller pumpkins on the table for the boys to look to for inspiration.Aleks immediately started painting aliens and insisted he needed black so I had to get out all of the paint colors. Then he said he just wanted to paint aliens and not pumpkins at all and that it should be a pumpkin alien patch. Bastian saw what Aleks was doing and painted lines instead of his usual round blobs of color (which seemed perfect for pumpkins).
I was left to paint the pumpkins myself. They both liked watching me paint pumpkins, but neither agreed to participate. Later I cut them out (including the biggest, which the boys insisted was our 57 lb. pumpkin) and taped them up in their room along with the pumpkins I made a couple of years ago. Next, we need to make the fairies...

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