Sunday, October 26, 2008

Anna Shows Aleks How to Knit

While visiting, Anna looked through my (Anna Kiss) yarn stash to see if there was anything she could use for upcoming presents since I'm no longer really knitting due to extreme frenzy in every other area of my life. She also needed to borrow a pair of needles for a specific project. Aleks saw what we were doing and immediately wanted to knit as well. I gave him his needles and yarn and he began moving the needles back and forth through a bit of the yarn, which of course yielded no results. So while I ran around continuing to clean up and get things ready for dinner (a delicious roast chicken...sooooo good), Anna sat Aleks on her lap and showed him how to knit. Meanwhile, Bastian jumped around on the bed using the knitting mushroom as a weapon.
They managed a short cast-on row, then knit up another row. Aleks pretty much made her do it while he held her hands (and talked to me) and told her he wanted to make specific projects. Then he got bored and quit. It's so nice, though, to have my kids directly interacting with people who are not me and Jon. I love that they have the opportunity to deal with different personalities, age ranges, and ways of interacting.

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My Blog said...

I just clicked on your blog link from MDC. I just had to comment on this post, it is sooo sweet! I love seeing my littles play with my friends or sisters. It just really touches my heart. That pic is sweet :)