Friday, October 24, 2008

The Golden Snitch

We made Golden Snitches for our upcoming Harry Potter Halloween Party. Heather helped. She gave the boys rock star headbands out of Halloween ribbon found in our decorations storage and they all painted the foam balls together.
She also did her nails.
A few days later, Aleks and I spray painted yellow feathers gold and stuck 'em in. They turned out really well.
Hanging in the living room, other Halloween decorations behind (all handmade).
We cut off most of the fuzziness of the feathers. This one seems to still have some stuck. We hot glued fishing line to the top of each, which had the nice effect of indeterminable direction after drying. They all look slightly different in their steering/flying. It has a nice effect. We hung them throughout the house and if you follow the line, it will lead you to the pumpkin patch in Aleks' room.


becks said...

wow! looks like so much fun. wish we could be there!

Linda said...

The snitches are brilliant! I love it!