Friday, October 24, 2008

Big Bowl, Lots of Little Food

I've been staying up far too late and sleeping in (as much as you can with little feet in your face) quite a bit lately, so the boys have been scavenging food or dragging me out of bed so I can make cereal or sandwiches before crawling back in again. Some days I just get down our basket full of the packaged bulk items and they feast on yogurt covered pretzels, almonds, cashews, raisins, and dried cranberries. This morning, Bastian insisted on a bowl to hold them all. He insisted on the giant green colander which conveniently left lots of little shells, skins, yogurt chunks and excess bits on the floor for mama to clean up. He also insisted on dumping almost all of everything in. I reminded him that he doesn't like goji berries, so those were left in the bag.

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