Sunday, August 31, 2008


In an attempt to clean out our office area (which is a desk in the living room, flanked by an armoire which holds a massive laser printer and all our office-y supplies plus a filing cabinet hidden in the coat closet), I went through our files to purge unnecessary documents to make room for more of Jon's random bits of paper which hold all his brilliant ideas (apparently). Since the main thing to rid the cabinet of were old bills and accounts that no longer exist yet have important information about my identity on them, I hauled out the shredder (also hidden in the coat closet). The boys heard its whirring and followed it to its source, where they found something delectably destructive to partake in with full parental blessings (minus lots of "watch your fingers!"). They took turns inserting two-year-old (and more) bills and papers of accounts with companies that no longer serve the greater metropolitan area at all. It was great relief to be rid of it and the boys had lots of fun with it.
In the end, I think we had five or six bags full of shredded paper to send to the recycling on Monday morning. I hauled it all out to the curb before realizing that Monday was a holiday and the trash and recycling would not be picked up until Tuesday. Ah well, at least it didn't rain.


Hey Mom said...

I found you link through my "monkeybread tree" friend. I take my kids to our "family job" once a month for a plumbing company after hours to do their paper work. Part of my kids' job is to shred what I don't need. Talk about fun. It is a fight as to who gets to go first!

Rachel said...

Ha! That's funny. We shredded paper this week too! The boys heard me shredding, and Otto came in and said, "Why are you shredding without us?" They are always my helpers for this task, which is perfectly fine for me, as I don't really want to push all those little papers through a few a time.