Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Every Tuesday...

We've done very well making it to every one of our City Fresh days this year. Last year, the amount of a full share was quite overwhelming for us since Jon was working so much and we missed a few due to laziness and at times, vacation. This year, however, we've done quite well. The entire atmosphere is different this year too. The location is better - last year was in front of a church on a busy road and was basically a sidewalk. This year it's at a park in front of the library and connected to a large playground - the Dreaded Big Park (which is, incidentally, far less dreaded these days). A real community is forming now. There are lots of families with children, which wasn't the case last year, really, and we all hang out and let them play together quite a bit and chat with one another. I think several families have added the trip to the library as part of their weekly City Fresh excursion, just like us. I recognize people this year and see lots of folks I already knew who have joined.

There are several homeschooling families as well, which is nice to get to meet and talk with the mothers. School for the district started last week, so I've been talking to the other mothers about their informing the district of their intent to homeschool. Many of them are doing this for the first year, just like us (well, officially anyway), so there's lots of speculation about the assessment we have to do at the end of the year and what that will be like. It's nice to talk.

Meanwhile, the boys all run amok at the big park, climbing the adjacent mulberry tree, running behind the shrubbery in front of the library and stealing peaches from the crates. The boys spotted a large bumblebee.
I have always called and heard these called bumblebees and was never really quite sure if that was accurate. I sort of thought that "bumblebee" was synonymous with "honeybee" and that therefor this was something else altogether. Of course, thanks to the power of Google, I have discovered that it really is a bumblebee and it is in fact quite different from the honeybee. What did I do before Google? Apparently walked around with unverified facts stored in my head.
Bastian says "cheese!" He's wearing his new applique wolf shirt I got at the thrift store a couple of weeks ago. It's totally awesome and he loves it. Aleks wondered why I didn't get him a wolf shirt too.
Aleks and his buddies crouched down in their hideout under the three-story slide.

I sat on a bench with my veggies while they all played. This week was tomato, potatoes, peaches, corn, green peppers, squash, and cooking greens.
There were lots and lots and lots of peaches, so I ended up with extra.
Bastian and Aleks have grown accustomed to hanging out for a long while at City Fresh, playing with the other kids and stealing the peaches (spray-free) straight outta the crate and going to town getting sticky. I've tried to encourage them to at least ask.

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