Monday, January 7, 2008

Monday Afternoon Excursion

Owing to some exceptionally warm weather, we were able to walk to Coventry to visit the coffee shop and the library. This photo is blurry, but just as we were approaching the entrance of Phoenix coffee, the boys started holding hands. I hurried to get my camera out and say hello to several people we knew walking by at the same time.
Bastian enjoyed freshly baked chocolate chip cookie with me before running amok.
Aleks took suggestions from the baristas on what to draw. Wiggles recommended a bear.
This is the wall of art that covers the counter, all started by Aleks drawing a robot spaceship fighting a terradactyl. He's been really into drawing spaceships with aliens fighting terradactyls for the last several months, though I'm not sure what inspired it.
This is a picture of a spaceship (in black) with aliens (in green controlling spaceship) shooting lasers (red lines) at a bear (reddish brown) and a terradactyl (purple).
Afterwards we went to the library. Aleks actually picked out books for probably the first time ever. He even sat down and read this Scooby Doo book, which we also checked out.
Meanwhile, Bastian made a whale and a monkey fight (pew! pew!).
Here you can see him making the fighting sounds.

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