Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's

We had friends who live in Managua, Nicaragua visiting for the New Year. After a night of heavy drinking on the part of the adults, we all made yummy afternoon breakfast. Kevin helped Bastian make whole wheat biscuits. Bastian insists on wearing that Baby Shark towel for hours nekkid after each and every bath, no matter what I do to wrangle him into clothes. It's cold in this house, otherwise I wouldn't care. They rolled the biscuit dough out and cut them into circles using the measuring cup.
Jon, the lone vegan, made everyone else scrambled eggs.
Bradley catching up on his lolcats and email, lookin' hungover.
Later, Aleks made himself a nice seat out of Rachel's knees and showed her his Lego catalog, which he pretty much shows to everyone.
The next day, we said goodbye with late afternoon portraiture. Kevin is my web-developer and a friend of Papa's from 4th grade. He's a radical leftist with a thing for zombie flicks. He's planning Hobbiton down to the tiniest nail and stud, practicing with opossum coops and banana plants in his backyard. Rachel works for Witness for Peace teaching delegations about the horrors of Free Trade.
Brad is an economist with girl troubles in Florida.

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The Barefoot Moms said...

Aww Jon is such a good guy. Cooking the eggs for the non vegans. :)