Sunday, September 30, 2007


Every time we walk around the neighborhood these days, the boys are completely fascinated by the squirrels they see. Bastian just loves them because they're animals and he thinks he can chase them down and pet them or something. Aleks, though, talks about how they're digging up the nuts they've buried and how only squirrels eat acorns. I think he learned that from Over the Hedge, of all places.

Suspecting squirrel suspects something.
Bastian attempts bringing his reign of terror.
High-speed squirrel chase ensues.

Then the boys get super nutty. The walk to the park 8 houses away takes twenty minutes because we have to collect buckeyes. We talk about the outside fruit and how it dries and then the nuts come out, bury in the earth and grow in the spring, except that the lawns are well-manicured and all the saplings get mowed down.
Aleks smashes open the prickly outside fruit that's dried.
He gets a double buckeye.
Bastian stashes buckeyes in his pocket for later. That night, forgetting that they're there, I wash four buckeyes, an acorn, and half a Lego alien with the ketchup-laden sheets (eating fake chicken on my bed while watching a movie on the laptop is a horrible idea).

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