Monday, October 1, 2007

During Bastian's bath, I let Aleks get out his dinosaur stamping set. By the time Bastian is out of the bath, I've forgotten about it though. I go back to work on the computer while Bastian does some stamping. When our lunch is ready, I see that Bastian, once clean, is no longer.Bastian's dino stamping:
Aleks' dino stamping. A man with 2 bladey things, spaceships shooting back at the pterodactyls, and the rest of the dinosaurs are making plans:

2 giant spider women and a dinosaur shooting back at them.
2 pterodactyls shooting back at a giant spaceship and one pterodactyl that got shot and they shot down lightening water at the bridge so that the car cannot get to them so the guy can kill the dinosaur with the long neck:
3 pterodactyls shooting back at this giant spaceship with their super lasers and there's a volcano right there:
Aleks makes faces:

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