Saturday, April 6, 2013

Inventing Mathematics

Bastian makes equations. Harriet Tubman plus Che Guevara equals Ghandi times pi.


Rachel said...

best refrigerator magnets ever. where did you get them? or did you make them? (wouldn't be surprised)

anna kiss said...

They're finger puppets from The Unemployed Philosophers Guild. In addition to these, we have Obama, Foucault, and Kafka. I love them and wish we had more women. Mostly they are played with on the fridge. My children never did much with puppets, though we owned a million.

Rachel said...

Wow! Those are beautiful and brilliant and definitely going on my list of must-haves. There's even a Keith Haring puppet! (Incidentally, my kids LOVE puppets, still play with them, even make them, and make animations with them, but the finger puppets are barely ever touched. Attaching them to the refrigerator is genius!)