Thursday, October 27, 2011


We're getting ready for Halloween.


Rachel said...

Those bats are fantastic, and I love them against the green. I need them for our orange entry way! Where did you get them?!

anna kiss said...

We made them out of black construction paper. My sister came up with the idea.

You fold a piece of construction paper in half, then in half again so that you've created a quarter-sheet sized greeting card. Draw half a bat, like you would a valentine heart, with the middle of the bat on the short creased side. Cut it out. This gives you two bats. I cut mine freehand once I had the hang of it. Take care to not make the heads too big! We repeated this process maybe fifteen or twenty times. I'm not sure how many bats we have.

I also couldn't find just black construction paper at Target, so I had to buy a big package. Better luck might be had at a Micheal's or some such.

Rachel said...

Wow! I was wondering if you made them, but they look so absolutely perfect, I concluded they must be store bought adhesive things (like that fancy cling stuff you can buy now to decorate your walls). I forgot that you are a master crafter and that all your homemade stuff is so fantastic that it could pass for store bought. soon as I wrote that, I realized that sounds all wrong. Because homemade is so much better than store bought. Especially your homemade stuff! Thanks for the instructions, we will have to make some of these.