Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Orthodontist Visit

Three weeks out, Aleks was able to get his wire put back on his braces. He'd immediately lost a tooth upon having the wire out initially (by immediately, I mean in the parking lot of the orthodontist while still eating the free ice cream they pass out), which had a bracket on it. A couple of days after that, one of his brackets came off on its own. He was thus down to two teeth with brackets, which is not enough to hold anything in, especially when they're on the same side of his mouth.

New brackets entail a bit of a longer appointment. Aleks played video games for awhile after his new x-rays and photos were taken. The doctor tried to show me in the old x-ray versus the new x-ray where there was the new bone that they'd grafted in, but it all looks fuzzy and whitish to me. I suppose it looked slightly more whitish and slightly more fuzzy in the new x-rays. It's hard to be sure. I always think this whole process looks like Aleks is being probed by aliens, so I like to capture it. He chose red and black rubber bands this time.

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