Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Movie

Aleks and I have wanted to make a stop-animation video for quite some time, so it seemed like a good reason was to make it as a gift for the grandfathers. They're not Harry Potter nerds, but we are. I did most of the work, but it was instructional for Aleks to learn how to do it. This took 120 photographs for 30 seconds of footage. We could have sped it up even more to make it smoother, but I think we would have needed to shoot a slower progression to still be able to register what is happening.

The music is Harry and the Potters' The Radio from their disc, "The Enchanted Ceiling."


Rachel said...

That's FABULOUS!!!! You guys are going to have a blast making stop motion Lego animation, and this is really an impressive first movie. Your lighting looks good, and so does your focus. I like the dance line part the best--whenever I make lego movies with my kids, I try to sneak in a dance bit with my characters.

anna kiss said...

Thanks Rachel! Dancing seems like sort of the most easy, fun-thing to do with this medium. Who doesn't love a breakdancing Voldemort? :D

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Xander approves. :)