Friday, June 10, 2011

Day Six - Post-Surgery

On Day Six, Aleks' swelling had gone down tons and he looked way more like Aleks. I called the surgeon's office on Day Three about coming in for our post-operative check-in and asked about the stint coming out in relation to when we should schedule. Of course, the person on the phone insisted on scheduling us for six days post-op and told me that he'd probably take the stint out then, so there was no need to wait longer. I got a little bit excited about taking that last step toward seeing what Aleks is going to look like now. I sort of knew that it was a stupid expectation to have and that telling Aleks was probably dangerous. I don't usually try to tell him that something like that is going to happen if I'm not sure if it will or not. But, the woman had assured me. Naturally, she was wrong.

So the stint is coming out next Monday when I have to, frantic and probably (but not proudly) yelling, get us clean and dressed and fed and in the car on time to drive five minutes down the hill to Cleveland Clinic to spend fifteen minutes parking in the garage and walk real slow with my limping son to the giant ziggurat that is the Crile building to deal with Mr. HotShot (roll eyes) all over again.

When we got home, the neighbors had found another injured animal, this time a baby woodpecker. Our suspicion is that their cats injure these animals, which is why they're always finding them. Poor thing was supposed to go to the nature center the next morning, but died in the night.

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