Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cleared for Surgery

Aleks had to have a physical today in order to be cleared for surgery. We went to our regular pediatrician rather than go see some stranger at the hospital. We like him quite well anyhow. Aleks passed. He can have surgery.

While we waited for the receptionist to fax the results over to Mr. Hot Shot Magic Hands, Aleks and I had time to read the framed documents on the wall. Apparently, our pediatrician is pretty important and impressive as well. He had a photo of himself in the White House Rose Garden for some thing where he represented Ohio doctors. I think it was for the health care reform bill. He also had a photo of himself with Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown. Aleks didn't really care much about all that. He just squished Obama's head.

I took Aleks out to lunch after and he asked about Osama bin Laden since he'd seen his face on every magazine in the doctor's office and heard his name quite a lot lately. So I had to tell him all about September 11th. I'm sure he's heard mention of it before, but we hadn't really explained what happened. I thought he would have picked up some of it, but I guess people don't talk about it that openly around children. I don't know why they would, but you know, it's this reality that we've just lived with for so long. In some ways, it reminds me a lot of when I got pregnant with Aleks and later after he was born the Iraq war started, so for me the knowledge of these dates is somehow associated with the time that Aleks has been in my life. And yet Aleks has no idea about it all. So it was like talking about this fundamental reality that I live with and it seemed like he would know about it already. It felt as though since he passed through me he should have picked all of this up on the way. But he didn't. So it was all new.

He thought that starting wars in response was pretty stupid. I was glad for that.

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