Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mozart's Birthday

Thanks to The Celebrationists (which I believe is mainly a single artist in NYC), we have new inspiration for approaching activities for the day which doesn't involve me leaving the comfort of the internet. The Celebrationists also provide the art: Today we celebrated Mozart's 255th birthday. We had to do some math to figure out how old he would have been today, which involved learning how to "borrow." Then we printed the above art for the living room wall, read about Mozart on Wikipedia, and listened to lots of examples of the music online. I swore we owned a few CDs of Mozart - for which we discussed the alphabetization of media in order to search through our shelves - but all we could come up with was Beethoven (whom I actually like much better, generally, but he wasn't born on this day).

Then after dinner, we baked. Happy Birthday Mozart! We made you pumpkin cinnamon rolls. Pity you're dead and can't enjoy them.


Rebecca said...

You kids have all the fun.

I want cinnamon buns and a Mozart wig.

We're a day late, but maybe today would be a good time to watch Amadeus. He's 10. Surely he's ready.

anna kiss said...

We thought about watching it but the boys would probably be bored. It is, however, currently streaming on Netflix. I say do it!