Saturday, January 22, 2011

Learning to Sew, Birthday Presents

We decided to make Lavinia a sock monkey for her upcoming birthday because we have seriously no money and because the sock monkeys I make are generally delightful and amazing, if I do say so myself.

We've been having ongoing family movie night in which we work through a series (last week, while knitting legwarmers it was the complete Lord of the Rings trilogy), so we sat on the couch watching Pirates of the Caribbean whilst I pieced her altogether.

Aleks began to fondle my needles and thread, desiring to learn to sew, so finally, years after having purchased the embroidery hoops in order to teach sewing, I broke one out, along with a piece of jersey knit and Aleks drew a skull, which we began to stitch. He grew bored rather rapidly - which made me think that next time, we'll just let him try the basic in-and-out stitching rather than this full-blown design - but then Bastian decided he wanted to give it a go. We each did a bit and by the next day, I'd finished.
As my first real embroidery project, it was a lesson as jersey knit means your stitches will be very loose upon being released from their tautness in the hoop. He plans to live in a quilt for the boys of all their old clothing (unfit for passing on) and I just hope his teeth all stay on.
After two Pirates movies (and some after-children-were-in-bed stitching), she looked fabulous.

Aleks drew a picture of the final product because he felt that since I'd done all the work, it wasn't really a gift from him. We're planning on matting and framing it to give the two together. I think it's the most adorable thing we ever thought of. His drawing is completely awesome and I was so glad to see him trying a new medium - this is in colored pencils.

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Julie said...

What awesome presents! Way more cool than anything you could have bought that's for sure.