Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cheesy Ghosts!

Aleks insisted I get this children's food magazine when we were at Whole Foods one day. I have no idea what he was interested in as he never makes food. It must have been the Halloween theme. The cupcakes were all very cool and there was a recipe for fruit leather which was not very good, but which inspired me and I cobbled together a recipe from it and the internet. Then I burnt the fruit leather and promptly made all my City Fresh buds go in on a dehydrator with me. But alack, this post is about ghosts.

For some reason, Jon noticed the rag and decided ghosts looked simple and awesome and made them also very much not according to the exact recipe. He made his own dough and used different eye and mouth bits. The kids still thought he was the bestest dad in the whole world for it. Cuz he is.

Also note the hippie decor.

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