Friday, September 10, 2010


Way back in May, for Bastian's birthday, he received a grow-a-frog kit from Mama. It took me until July to get around to ordering the tadpole itself, however, as we were in and out of town quite a bit and I was concerned about it sitting on the porch, frying in the sun.

Two months later, there was still no tadpole, however. occasionally, I'd think about this fact, but hadn't actually gotten around to doing anything about it. Reading the booklet that came with the kit might have clued me in. It stated that tadpoles are not shipped until there are three straight days of appropriate weather conditions forecast for your area. This means that the drought and intense heat we'd had all summer wouldn't do. I'm guessing they mostly send out tadpoles in the spring and in the fall.

So then, one day, with no warning, Aleks brought in the mail with a package full of tadpole. I wrote the following Facebook status update:
Anna Kiss, as it turns out, was very smart to spend the day not going out and being engaged and productive, for the poor tadpole who's been sitting in the mailbox the last hour might have been sitting there into the night.
10 September at 15:19
This was largely hilarious because the box it came in read:He arrived in a pouch inside the box.
We then had to rush out to buy spring water because it was an essential item to have for the tadpole and this was stated repeatedly in the lengthy booklet which accompanied the kit. Unfortunately, whoever laid the booklet out used a good many font sizes, making reading the dang thing annoying. Also, I sort of feel like the fact that I needed to buy spring water prior to the tadpole's arrival should have been a bulleted point somewhere on the box or the tadpole order form that I sent in. Or both and perhaps other locations as well. It just seems important.

We then prepped the habitat.
Bastian poured the poor dear in.
Aleks fed the tadpole with the included tadpole food. Whatever it is.
And then we watched him swim.
And did not give her a name.
Because none could be agreed upon.

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