Saturday, September 18, 2010


We walked to Coventry and back three times in one day. First, for a haircut for Aleks. Second, to meet our friends India and River at the park, and third to eat dinner at Tommy's. On the way to the park, we met a locust. They've been fairly prevalent lately. We see them now and then in the front yard. Ever since one bit Aleks, however, we've known not to pinch them too much. Sometimes Aleks captures them and sticks them in the butterfly house, though. Today we just said hello.Then we hung out on the street corner.
These are Amaranth 'Elephant Head' flowers. There appears to be renegades from the garden behind Tommy's that are growing through the sidewalk. This one in particular looks like an elephant head. I thought we had seeds for these, but we have burgundy supercrest celosia, apparently. So we'll have celosia in our garden next year, not elephant heads. I think the elephant heads would be really cool, though.

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