Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Ostrich Egg

Aleks got wind that they sell ostrich eggs at Whole Foods and decided that he wanted one. I think mostly he wanted the shell, but he was fascinated at the prospect of trying something new as well. So one fine Friday, we forked over the 20 clams for one and took it home.

Bastian cradled it in the shopping cart the whole time we were in the store, then carried it in his own bag through the parking lot, in the car, and to the house when we reached home. He kissed it and loved it too. When we finally got around to cracking it open, a screwdriver and hammer were required (notice blur of hammering).
An ostrich egg amounts to about 18-24 chicken eggs. The liquid, plunging swooshing sounds it made coming out reminded me of birth.
It's a lot of egg.
Jon used the hand mixer to scramble it.
We made scrambled eggs with toast for the boys and Natty and I ate omelets with tomatoes and peppers from City Fresh.

The flavor is slightly sweeter than chicken eggs and somewhat creamier. Mostly similar, however.
Then I set to baking to use the rest up. In the end, we made: scrambled eggs for both kiddos, 4 omelets, an apple cake, 24 squash (zucchini, essentially, but with patty pan) muffins, 1 loaf squash (same) bread, 18 banana nut muffins, and 1 loaf banana nut bread. All with one egg. A damn expensive egg to boot. With a shell hard as rock. Which makes it perfect for keeping around indefinitely.

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Rachel said...

Wow! That's a lot of ostrich-egg-inspired baking! But sounds like fun. ;)