Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall Equinox Hike

In honor of the first day of Autumn, we took a walk in the woods. Jon wanted to go to this place around the corner from us where John Rockefeller's house used to stand. We started off into the woods. Aleks was none too happy about it, initially, though he'd come willingly. We looked for the beginning autumnal changes of color. I had never seen rainbow colored berries before.
I'd seen red, however.

This metropark is sort of in the middle of a poor section of town, so the paths were littered with garbage and things were less kept than the suburban metroparks. There was also curious evidence of past industry.

The space changed as we went onward, off the path...

Jon showed the boys slate and taught them to break it in their hands or by throwing it on the ground. Then he decided to scale the incline to see where it would lead.
Then he called for us to follow, as he discovered something.
Initially, I thought it a carriage house for the property. Later, a sign revealed it to be a blacksmith's.
you can just see Bastian's wee over-exposed face through the hole.

There was tons of broken glass and garbage. It was clear people had come here for decades to drink and hang out.
A trail led away from the blacksmith's (revealing the sign revealing what the building had been) and I spied this sign in the grass. It reads, "Caution: Coyote Family in this area." Sweet. Aleks was nervous about this, but I assured him we were okay as we moved out into the open park towards the actual location of the Rockefeller estate.

The mansion burnt down long ago and nothing remains but the space.
There are benches to see all the way to the lake from.
And a huge sledding hill.

From this perch, you can see right to where the first standard oil refinery stood. Those smokestacks are a power plant though. I had a dream about them once, staring from a similar spot down toward the lake (hidden by smog here).

Then we headed back home for dinner.
Bastian wanted to be carried, however.

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