Sunday, August 15, 2010

Aleks' 8th Birthday

We celebrated Aleks' 8th birthday at the grandparents' house, as we always do. We intended to camp out as we always do as well, but it rained, so we just ate s'mores and hot dogs and cake and pesto and burgers as those are all the perfect birthday foods. We also started the day with krispy kreme donuts, complete with hats, just as we always do. I'm not certain donuts were an improvement on the previous morning's breakfast: There were candles and singing and presents.
Then instead of camping, we rented a movie and set the kids up on the back porch in sleeping bags for what we deemed, "camping lite." Note Aleks' new headgear. Lavinia (left) said, "Why don't weee have headgeeeearrrrr?!?!?!?" Aleks explained, "Believe me, you do NOT want this. It hurts my chin. Seriously." Seriously. He is so grown up. Especially with that mouth and that attitude. So cute. When directed at others.

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Lillian said...

Wish I was there to celebrate. Looked fun though.