Friday, July 30, 2010

So the Treehouse Didn't Go as Planned

We maintained plans to build the treehouse with Grandpa Jim while we were visiting, but he's been having some achy problems and the weather didn't always cooperate, so we did the other things we usually do on "the farm" (as Jon calls it) and played our new Shut the Box game quite a bit. Everyone loved it and it's so simple that everyone could pretty much play (Bastian played on an adult team). We also just played outside, wandering around, looking at things, digging in dirt, harassing the chickens.
Acting crazy.

Sitting and being still.
Marveling at butterflies.
Catching and ruining them.
Waiting for the rain to stop (though knowing that such a dry summer required it).

Drawing with rocks, discovering chalk.
And making Bastian look like he's got devil eyes.
It was a reprieve for Mama, if exactly the kind of play the kids normally do, though with different things in a different place.

*This post, as with others, pre-dated and post-written out of utter failure.

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