Monday, July 5, 2010

Instructable: Cupcake Paper Flowers (Playing Catch Up)

On July 4th, we made chocolate beet cupcakes, so on July 5th, we had all these excess little cupcake papers which were place-holders between the foil baking cups. I didn't realize, when I'd purchased the baking cups - whenever that was - that there was so much waste involved. I had to read on the package: discard paper separators. Well, whatever. We'll do no such thing.

I had an idea. The seasons table needed altering anyway, since we were already two weeks into the beginning of summer. Flowers, I figured, would make a nice, summer-y addition. First we needed stems. Bastian and I set to work on those, utilizing chopsticks and egg cartons. We cut egg carton cups along their pre-existing folded edges, allowing for an ideal leaf-like shape, then painted them green with poster paint.

We cut two of the papers down to two different smaller sizes.
Then, using watercolors...
painted each sheet separately.
After much mess...
We used white glue to piece the papers together and hot glue to piece the leaves, stem and whole flower together. Thus, flowers were made.
We used a bit of clay to make them all stand up.
The boys finished off the beet chocolate cupcakes in the process as well (their just desserts after all that work!).
One of Aleks' flowers had a nice, flower-y face, reminiscent of the pansies in Alice in Wonderland.
Bastian's flower was, of course, all red.
We also made a butterfly out of a spare baking cup liner.
And with the excess bits that had been cut from the inner flower petals, I made a Natty Dreadlock...
And Bastian and I collaborated on an Architeuthis.
*This post is dated July 5th, but was written August 8th because I am updating the backblog (oh the puns today!).

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