Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And Back Again

After several days alone at the grandparents' I joined the children for the remainder of the week under the pretext of building a tree house together. We took a day trip into Yellow Springs in order to visit a new baby and his mama, a friend of mine from the wayback. We met up for ice cream... Then took a walk to Mr. Fub's Toy Store. We bought silly bands for Aleks (he traded several with teenage girls at the ice cream parlor, as he is want to do), Shut the Box for everyone...

and Bastian picked out a nerf-esq bow & arrow set. It was quite difficult to use.

After an afternoon spent ogling babies and playing with the Papa in the garden with the bow and arrow, we headed home for a snack and an introduction to a phrase from my childhood, "What's up, doc?"

*Again, this post is written later than it's dated as we were busy and I was lazy.

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